The Akashic Records

Ask the Records, Empower Your Life!

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Personal Readings

30 Minutes- $53.00

50 Minutes- $108.00

Personal Readings can be accessed for:

*For individuals

*For animals or pets

*For a home or property

*For public monuments, buildings, parks, cities, towns, or areas of land

*For creativity (poetry, music, art, drawing, sculpting, etc.)

*For receiving inspiration or guidance

*For learning a specific topic or subject

*Exploring past lives in relation to your current situation

*Exploring ancestral patterns as related to your current life

*For healing (physical, emotional, psychological)

*For exploring soul purpose/life purpose

Business Readings

30 Minutes- $53.00

50 Minutes- $108.00

Business Readings can be accessed for:

*For a company or a department within a company

*How to choose and support employees

*How to make the working environment the best it can be

*For guidance to what actions would be most beneficial for the company at a particular time

*Receiving inspiration or guidance for clients or patients

Share-Your-Thoughts-With-Christina Consultation

75 Minutes- $150.00

This is a “Let’s Have a Conversation with Christina” session. Christina enjoys sharing information with those who are curious and like-minded. In this session, Christina will share her thoughts, experiences, and knowledge on the topic of your choice, whether it be philosophy, health, spirituality, business, finance or even conspiracy theories! Just remember that Christina is not a licensed attorney, doctor, CPA, or any other professional titles. What we discuss in this session are merely suggestions and Christina’s opinions. Consult your professionals as appropriate. We will not be opening your Records in this session.

Buy Me a Cup of Coffee or Tea

15 Minutes- $5 Minimum

Christina is a Cup-of-Coffee-To-Wake-Me-Up-In-The-Morning type of person and an avid tea drinker. Given the current political and economic changes occurring on our planet today, this mini-session allows the client to experience his/her Records without breaking the bank. 

Preparing for the Reading:

*All readings are done via Zoom call at this time.Upon receipt of payment and scheduling your appointment, a confirmation email will be sent providing the zoom room info. You are free to take notes or record the session.

*Your Records will be opened using your current legal name as it appears on your Driver’s License or tax returns or if a business reading, using your legal business name as registered with your state. If the Reading is for a pet, building, or an object, the name of the pet, full address of the building, or description of the object is required. You need to be the owner or guardian of the pet, building, or object in order for its Records to be opened.

*A special prayer will be used to access your Records. Some parts will be said out loud, some parts will be silent. Your Records will officially open when Christina says out loud, “The Records are now open.”

*Participants must be 18 years or older. If you buy a Reading for someone else, that person needs to make the appointment himself/herself.

*Come to the Reading with 2 or 4 questions. Open-ended questions are best like “who”, “what”, “why”, “how”.

*Maintain an open mind. In the Records, energy comes first, then information. Information that comes through may or may not resonant with you at the moment. Take what resonates with you and “table” the rest.

*Please note that Akashic Records Readings are not psychic readings, future predictions, past life regressions, or mediumship sessions. Your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones are here to support and empower you in your earthly and spiritual journey.

Disclaimer: All Sales Final. Readings are for educational and entertainment purposes only. Christina is not a professional CPA, lawyer, doctor, or any other professional titles. Consult your professional team as needed. Appointments may be rescheduled 24 hours in advance. No refund is given. Logan Investments, LLC dba The Akasha. All Right Reserved